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Gemini New Moon

The Gemini new moon has a vibration of spiritual uplifting yet at the same time can denote sorrow for that which is beyond our grasp to understand or control. You can tap into the planetary energies of the new moon until the full moon on June 13th when there is another shift. Two planets are changing signs today: Venus is at the last degree of Aries, shifting into Taurus, and Mercury is entering Cancer.


This new moon message is that all of life changes, we shift, we change, what we wanted once may no longer be of value as before. What we thought of before may not be what we think now.

The new moon is exactly connected to Neptune, same degree by a square, which is tension. Neptune is ephemeral as well as spiritual, pulling us to see what is not in this world of our daily material existence. Neptune wants us to see behind the invisible curtain into another world, the world of creativity and energy. Neptune can also cloud our judgment, allowing us to live in a bubble and believe or think only what we feel safe or have conditioned ourselves to think is true.

The Sabian symbol for the new moon is “Aroused Strikers Surround A Factory” What is the factory of your life and where do you want to go on strike? What makes you mad enough to stand up against oppression?


How to work with this new moon

Take a few moments to still the mind and meditate on the transient nature of all that is.

Allow your mind to be quiet and still, then open the channel to information that is new and not rehashed thoughts from the past.

Journal what you want to learn about and discover

Where in your life do you feel that you could have an alternative life, your twin that isn’t there would be living?

What puts you in a state of confusion where you let time go by and wonder what happened?

What circumstances in your life would you rather not have to think about and have a state of denial, (large or small) about?

What is shifting in your life around people, places or things that you used to like or want in your life and no longer have the same charge around them?

Get in touch with your thoughts and notice how they are ever changing. Journal how your thoughts impact your emotions and how your emotions impact your thoughts. Be conscious and aware.

Listen to a guided meditation, especially fruitful now are guided meditations with affirmations.

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June Astrology News



At each moment the planets and how they align offer us opportunity to develop and express ourselves according to the vibrational energy of the moment. In fact our charts are a moment set in time that we spend our lives developing those potentials. June offers much in healing, contemplation, and integration between our thoughts and feelings. The month begins with Ceres, newly classified as a dwarf planet, moving direct. Ceres is the principle of nurturing, ruling over food production. Be on the lookout for news about food production, prices and controversy. Mercury is either in its shadow or retrograde the whole month of June, moving from early degrees of Cancer back into the sign it rules Gemini. How we think about life, and what we want to know and learn are important key points. Neptune moves retrograde once a year and creates a very powerful laser beam of all things Neptune at this time. Connecting to what is important in your life around the areas that Neptune rules will help move forward the manifestation you seek in those areas. Your meditation practice, creative ventures, acceptance and release of negative events, photos, film, water, yoga, dissolving rigid attitudes and ways of being are all under the Neptune umbrella.

This would be a time to honor the Neptune areas of your life that you want to develop or get back into.
Do you long to go swimming? Ocean vacation? Learn how to take dynamite photos or film? Get into a yoga and meditation routine? The days around Neptune station is the time you will have the help and support of Neptune to motivate you and put it into motion.


The full moon in Sagittarius is a fun and adventurous time to step out and express your freedom to be you. The need to know is strong, let go of preconceived opinions and open your mind to universal truths and knowledge.

Full Moon Aquarius
Chiron retrograde and the Cancer solstice chart and tied together by one day. This time furthers the dynamics of releases past hurts and allowing for emotional peace and centeredness. There is a deep stirring of frustration or even anger associated with the ingress chart as the Moon in Aries conjunct Eris will bring to light areas in your life that you feel you have been shut out. Sometimes it is from a promotion you deserved, other times injustice and inequality, but most of all, feeling diminished by circumstances that have blocked your ability to life the life you want. The key given from the planetary alignment is to keep reconnecting with what is most important in life. Deep below the surface, when all is said and done, what is the more important to you than everything else. Connecting with that emotion and holding it deep inside and allowing it room to be and expand will change your life. The frustration will dissipate and motivation to do what is need to have what is most important in your life will replace hurt and anger.
The new moon in Cancer on the 27th furthers the solstice energy to get on with life. Mars is exactly opposite Uranus electrifying the desire to move forward. When one is not centered in your hearts priority then there is a scattered attempt to do too many things at once leading to an uncomfortable feeling of jarred nerves. The Mars Uranus opposition on the solstice happens to be within one degree of the upcoming lunar eclipse in October. Journal what you did today and you will be surprised when October roles around how the events tie together.
When you listen to the whispers of the universe along with your inner hearts intuition then you will be able to connect with the flow of the energy to move towards your dreams and goal with less struggle and with more ease.

June 1st Ceres Direct at 18 degrees Libra
June 7th Mercury retrograde at 3 Cancer
June 9th Neptune retrograde at 7 Pisces
June 12th/13th Full moon in Sagittarius, 22 degrees
June 20th Chiron Retrograde 17 degrees Pisces
June 21st Summer Solstice (or winter solstice for those down under)
June 23rd Venus enters Gemini
June 27th Cancer New Moon at 5 degrees.


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