October Astrology, Mercury Retrograde & Aries Lunar Eclipse

october astrologyOctober Astrology

The message from the universe this month is to seek your inner refuge and personal spiritual center and hold a space of tranquility no matter how strong the wind howls outside.

Wherever you feel your life is out of balance you will be rethinking how to bring equilibrium back to your life throughout Mercury retrograde from the 4th to the 25th.  







Lunar Eclipse in Aries October 8th

There is a big astrological jolt from the Lunar eclipse on the 8th. The full moon will reveal how well you understood what you learned from the message of the new moon. How good are you at being able to communicate with people you are in partnership with and see their side of the situation? Mutual cooperation and peaceful, nonviolent solutions were the message from the new moon. If understood then the eclipse will be no more than a ripple passing by in a soft breeze. However if reasonable communication is not your favored response to disagreements sudden outburst of aggressive behavior can create discord to unravel.



A polarization can become apparent between what you want versus what someone else may want. This will manifest in the micro and macrocosm of the universe. Whether in your love life, between the interest in companies, or in politics.


Libra GoddessHow to honor the message of Libra:

1.) Create your living environment filled with beauty and peace.

2.) Plan social times with easy going friends.

3.) Make an effort to connect with new people that share similar interest.

4.) Set your intention towards happy and healthy loving relationships.

5.) Find your fortune, where are you fortunate? Send blessings and gratitude towards all the fortune in your life.

6.) Create balance. Where in your life are you out of balance?

7.) Create harmony. Where do you fight within yourself?

8.) Be compassion. How can you be more compassionate to your situation in life and bring love and compassion to others?


Seek inner wisdom and guidance during this Libra cycle. In your visualizations and meditation set your intentions on peace and love. Embrace compassion and seek the vibration of gratitude to bless all in your world.


Solar Eclipse Scorpio

The next big shift is the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 23rd. Whereas the full moon eclipse was palpable in feeling the building up of the energy a few days before the 8th, the solar eclipse can sneak up on you with all of a sudden an urge that you must find your passion and live life to your fullest potential and purpose. The sun, moon and Venus are connected to Pluto and Jupiter with an angle that represents magical mysteries.


The month finishes with Mercury moving direct on the 25th and Mars moving out of adventure filled Sagittarius into Capricorn. Our effort and time begins to be applied to efforts where we can touch and see the final result from our work.  


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Gemini New Moon

The Gemini new moon has a vibration of spiritual uplifting yet at the same time can denote sorrow for that which is beyond our grasp to understand or control. You can tap into the planetary energies of the new moon until the full moon on June 13th when there is another shift. Two planets are changing signs today: Venus is at the last degree of Aries, shifting into Taurus, and Mercury is entering Cancer.


This new moon message is that all of life changes, we shift, we change, what we wanted once may no longer be of value as before. What we thought of before may not be what we think now.

The new moon is exactly connected to Neptune, same degree by a square, which is tension. Neptune is ephemeral as well as spiritual, pulling us to see what is not in this world of our daily material existence. Neptune wants us to see behind the invisible curtain into another world, the world of creativity and energy. Neptune can also cloud our judgment, allowing us to live in a bubble and believe or think only what we feel safe or have conditioned ourselves to think is true.

The Sabian symbol for the new moon is “Aroused Strikers Surround A Factory” What is the factory of your life and where do you want to go on strike? What makes you mad enough to stand up against oppression?


How to work with this new moon

Take a few moments to still the mind and meditate on the transient nature of all that is.

Allow your mind to be quiet and still, then open the channel to information that is new and not rehashed thoughts from the past.

Journal what you want to learn about and discover

Where in your life do you feel that you could have an alternative life, your twin that isn’t there would be living?

What puts you in a state of confusion where you let time go by and wonder what happened?

What circumstances in your life would you rather not have to think about and have a state of denial, (large or small) about?

What is shifting in your life around people, places or things that you used to like or want in your life and no longer have the same charge around them?

Get in touch with your thoughts and notice how they are ever changing. Journal how your thoughts impact your emotions and how your emotions impact your thoughts. Be conscious and aware.

Listen to a guided meditation, especially fruitful now are guided meditations with affirmations.

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