Aries Ingress Sun Enters Aries 2012

Spring has sprung in my backyard; the azaleas are spectacular with the background of flowering trees a landscape of pink, white, and purple, and the leaves the soft shade of spring green.

In ancient times astrologers would cast the charts of the equinoxes, solstices, and eclipses to forecast the next three months.

The symbols in these charts represent what the theme will be for us and collectively for humanity.

As always there is a positive side and a shadow side. Many times the collective will tap into the negative side of the planetary influence, (as can be seen with the war posturing and name calling in political areas). Yet great hope is shown for the light workers of the planet to connect with the positive blessings and inspiration that is being showered down from the planetary influences.

The chart of the Aries ingress (the moment that marks the time of equal day/night) offers you the opportunity to embrace the spiritual warrior within and go forth on your path, in spite of the obstacles, cut through illusion and fulfill a dream or deep seated passion.

Aries is a fire sign, it ignites passion. This is the time of year to begin new and fresh.

The chart for this year’s Aries ingress has the Moon in Pisces sitting next to Neptune and Chiron. The promise to heal wounds and transform past pain and suffering to compassion and spiritual awareness is profound.

Aries is ruled by Mars, Mars is retrograde in Virgo, suggesting to clean up your act- wherever that might be. Mars retrograde in Virgo can be prone to fighting over details and being angry and critical over perceived imperfections.

How can you offer compassion and understanding to your perceived imperfections of your life while embracing the Aries fire and courageously move towards what you want?

How to work best with the energy

1.) Rediscover what makes you excited about life.
2.) Let go of excuses of why you can’t do what you want.
3.) Seek your inner spiritual warrior and listen to the wisdom within.
4.) Speak your truth directly yet with love and compassion.
5.) Utilize the Mars in Virgo support to finish projects.
6.) Work with speed and effort, knowing that you can have anything you want if you are willing to work hard, “fight” for it, and never give up.
7.) Embrace life, commit to embark upon a new learning experience, discover and begin learning about a new tool for personal growth. (Such as: tarot, feng shui, runes, astrology, yoga, tai chi, etc.)

Aries: (March 21- April 19) Happy Birthday Aries. What a turnaround year this can be for you. Spirit will be moving you to make big changes. What do you need to keep your head above water as you swim through the currents of life? Who needs to go and who needs to stay to support your life and dreams? And more importantly what changes do you need to live your life full, complete, and filled with joy?
Taurus: (April 20- May 20) As you approach your birthday think about what you want to let go of so you enter into your new year with peace and ready to have more joy and fun. Opportunities to get out of a routine and spend time with friends will liven up your month. Make time to relax and contemplate what is of most important in your life, then find the ways and means to follow through.
Gemini: (May 21-June 21) Let go of stress and worries and master the inner world of mind chatter. Friends who are supportive and shift your perspective help you stay focused on what is really important to you. Remember to honor your body and do what is needed to nurture the realm that your spirit is living in. Venus moves into your sign this month, finances are looking up and you will feel freer to splurge on a treat or two.
Cancer: (June 22- July 22) Worries or stress that have lingered over known situations and even situations that bother you but can’t exactly explain why begin to subside as you become more assured and comfortable that you will be safe and secure no matter what. Changes around a family member can have you wondering how much you are meant to help out. Don’t allow gossip or negative vibes from work to send ripples through your emotional body. Finding time to spend with those you love most will bring joy, although having time to retreat and regroup needs to be honored also. Balance is the key this month.
Leo: (July 23- August 22) Mars is making a shift in your house of finances and values, if you have been experiencing frustration around money this will change. Since November there has been a message from the universe to share with others what is truly important in life. This is your wisdom month; listen to the messages from the universe that will open your mind to new possibilities for your career and life in general.
Virgo: (August 23-September 22) It is your yearly annual checkup time to look at the issues of life that you would rather keep hidden. How well do you play with others? Is your life balanced between the daily give and take between coworkers, friends and lovers? Are you open to new opportunities that push you beyond your comfort zone? What can you learn that will help you along your life’s path? Take charge of your financial situation so you become worry free in that area and can no longer use money as an excuse to do, or not do something.
Libra: (September 23 – October 23). Accepting others for who they are, not who you know they could be is your lesson this month. Focus more on self, what you need to feel and look your best. The hidden powers of the universe are yours for harnessing if only you spent time and effort in mastering what you already have learned. Plans for a get away with friends or a lover are welcome relief. Keep eliminating self-sabotage habits especially in the midst of an extra busy social month.
Scorpio: (October 24-November 21) Any disappointment or bad news that you have experienced over the last three years can have an accumulative effect on you this month. Release the negative emotions that were buried in your system and make a promise to self that you will survive and thrive. Extra effort in exercise pays off, not just in looking good but for your emotional body as well. Restructuring debt or long term financial goals is on the agenda. Think twice before offering to lend someone money, an act of generosity could turn into a power play.
Sagittarius: (November 22- December 21) If you have been living according to what you know you need to do, what is right, just and honorable you will be rewarded. If the temptation to take a short cut led you down a different path, you will be defending your position. Stay on the high road and don’t look back. Fun and romance are yours for the asking. If you are looking to expand your career or go into business for self, potential partners are looking for you. A friendly partnership can be mutually beneficial, just keep the boundaries clear about who does what.
Capricorn: (December 22- January 19) You have been working hard to keep everything together and may decide to splurge on a present for you home. Leave some cash aside to go out and have fun with your pals. Work hard and play hard is the theme for you this month. As much as you may want to focus on one project at a time for work, multi-tasking will be required. Enlist a friend to keep you on track with your goals.
Aquarius: (January 20 – February 18) Communications with your family can be lively if not argumentative. Just because you may be right, or have a solution for them doesn’t mean they want to hear it. Save yourself some frustration, share what you know, then let it go. Spend time enjoying your home; a little feng shui can create a shift in energy that you have been waiting for. Love and romance are favored, even if you aren’t in the mood for a romantic relationship, having someone, or doing something that brings a smile you your face and joy to your heart is around the corner.
Pisces: (February 19 – March 20). Just when you think you might get a break, life kicks into high gear and you are off to put out another fire. Mars, which has been responsible for disagreements the last several months, will be moving forward alleviating some discord between you and others. Know which battles are worth fighting and let the others go. Pay attention to finances so you have an abundant cash flow that covers more than the necessities.

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