Heliocentric Planetary Nodes in Astrology

A day with 2 planetary nodes, Venus at her heliocentric planetary node, and Jupiter at the north node of Mercury.
Whenever you have a natal planet conjunct a planetary node, your natal planet will take on the qualities of the planet of the node. For example if your Venus is conjunct either the north or south node of Pluto, you will experience your love life with more intensity and sometimes fearful of Pluto issues, such as fear of being betrayed or fear of your loved one leaving you through death or abandonment.

Look for planets in your chart if they are conjunct, within one degree only, of a planetary node.
The heliocentric nodes move very slowly.
Here are their positions for 1950, 2000, and 2050.

If you want to study astrology, there are many different clues the chart gives you- Looking at the heliocentric nodes is one of piece of understanding the whole chart.

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