Saturn In Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio for Everyone.

Hi and thanks for stopping by. I am an astrologer at loving light astrology and want to share with you a few thoughts on Saturn in Scorpio. Please post your comment below and share the Saturn in Scorpio story to your friends. Thanks.

Get ready for Scorpio intensity and the desire to understand what is beneath the surface. I am not a gloom and doom person, yet the collective unconscious of the planet can seed our atmosphere with negative vibrations from individuals not conscious of the spiritual purpose and destiny of events that we as humans, think of as difficult or bad. Therefore it is absolutely necessary for the light workers on the planet to keep their personal vibration high, transmute and dissipate negative energy and send out light and love.

Globally there are situations of difficult times such as hunger, hatred, war, famine and murder. Scorpio is a tough sign and Saturn is a tough planet. The positive purpose of Saturn in Scorpio is strength and determination from learning how to move beyond the boundaries of difficulties and to find hidden or esoteric ways that move us through the illusion of problems.

The transit of Saturn takes two and a half years to go through any particular sign. We have completed the two and a half year journey with Saturn to Libra asking on a collective level of bringing in right relationships, proper balance and fairness onto the planet.

Saturn is shifting into Scorpio on October 5th around 4:30 p.m. eastern time and will be in transit until December 23 2014 when it moves into Sagittarius. The retrograde motion of Saturn will transit back into Scorpio from June 15th until September 18th 2015 when it will officially leave Scorpio. What will Scorpio in Saturn mean for you? What does it mean collectively? What resonates for you of the collective, the overall meaning of Saturn in Scorpio to your personal life?

Saturn will be in each of the signs once every 28- 30 years, approximately. It takes that amount of time, 29 years to complete a cycle. This is known as your Saturn return. Yet, as we evolve, as we spiral the human consciousness grows, there will be a new level or new place of understanding of what we are meant to embrace and learn from. You can understand what the difference will be of Saturn in Scorpio for 2012- 1015 is from the last passage through Scorpio by studying the ingress chart.

The significance in this ingress chart is not only will Saturn be in Scorpio; Mars, Mercury and the north node are in the sign of the Scorpion. What does this all mean? Major change is about to happen in the areas of communication. Speaking in an upfront and direct manner will be more common. Profanity will be more common and sound ‘normal’ on the airwaves. Secrets will be both kept and exposed. Anger will be overt and action will be taken to eliminate control and power. Those that fear losing power can become aggressive and take on an action plan of winning at all cost.

For a shy or meek sign these signals may offend. Yet getting real about dark and hidden feelings lurking in the subconscious of troubled souls will expose problems before they erupt into chaos and mayhem. Pretending that your child does not have a problem will no longer function. Hiding addictions will no longer be tolerated. Denying that something is sh…tty wont float. The message is look at what is troubled or dirty and clean it up.

The function of a Saturn transit is to get serious about things; it is the need to create more boundaries or to take a harder look at a situation and is a time to for difficult decisions. Scorpio is a deep water sign, it represents going deep within a situation to discover what is not known on the surface. It involves secrets, it’s concerned with trust, it’s concerned with what are you going to give or what are you going to withhold. It deals the shadow ideas with jealousy and betrayal and revenge.

Look within yourself, do you feel that something unjust has happened? What if you didn’t make peace with something that was unjust? Then the shadow side of Scorpio will whisper ‘Well, I’m going to get back, revenge.’ That revenge energy can bubble from wherever one feels betrayed by life. That, ‘I’m going to get back at you’ is the Scorpio sting will be waiting to strike.

Saturn conjunct Mercury and Mercury in Scorpio is saying, ‘Think deep and do not fear to explore psychological meaning of the situation.’ This is about going into your inner chamber where you do not usually venture. There’s a dark night of the soul energy present. What are you afraid of? What do you need to feel that you can go through the caverns of your personal secrets that are difficult to look at? Bring them out of the closet, face the fear and be empowered. There’s a lot freedom when you are able to release and let go.

This is a good time to journal and to do any type of transformational work. And it is a good time to put into action what you have been procrastinating. The Mars in Scorpio energy is telling us to go beyond thinking. If you just think about what you need to do, you can get depressed. Figure out what you know you need in life and take positive steps on that. The support is with a trine to Neptune, we have Saturn and Mercury at zero Scorpio and it is trine Neptune at zero Pisces and trine Chiron at five Pisces. Through compassion you will heal and be free. If you feel the emotions of revenge, jealousy or hatred then step into the compassionate and the positive side of Neptune in Pisces which allows us to feel compassion for all.

You may not approve of what somebody did or approve of circumstances of your life or approve of how unjust or how negative things that individuals have done evil. If you have been harmed then it is especially helpful to go within and release negative emotions.

In the Mundane world Saturn in Scorpio certainly suggesting that the banks and the institutions will continue to have a rough time. In that, any mismanagement of funds or any abuse of other people’s money will come to light. There will be a demand for accountability as the Scorpio energy also deals trusting others with what we own. Saturn in Scorpio is saying that anyone who has abused that trust, they will be accountable.

That is also true on the personal level. The resources, the secrets, anything that is held in your trust for someone else, be accountable for it. Be accountable, do what’s right, do what’s just.

Also, know your boundaries; if you do not want to take on the responsibility of another person’s assets say so. There will be plenty of times during this phase that others will want you to do something for them. ‘I want you to take care of, do this for me. I don’t want to be responsible for my money, so why don’t you invest it for me.’ Substitute the word money for any exchange. Your kids might say. ‘I don’t want to wash my own clothes, you do it for me.’ If you take it on, you’ll either have to be very accountable or you will hear. ‘Mom, you ruined my such and such’. Therefore be very clear about what your boundaries are and what you will or will not do.

One of the topics of Scorpio is sex, Saturn in Scorpio can bring to light healing for sexually abused children, especially individuals who may have been molested 20 – 28 years ago, either individuals who were born with Saturn in Scorpio and are having their Saturn return of individuals who were molested when Saturn was in Scorpio in 1984 – 1985. Naturally there will be others in the process of healing abusive wounds that were molested outside of these dates, yet these times are being brought to the surface with an extra push.

Last but not least Saturn in Scorpio can change how we view death. Our culture can fear death or have it as a taboo subject. As Saturn moves through Scorpio staying alive at all cost will begin to appear foolish. The fear of death is meant to be confronted. Those who have ignored the end of life issues and have left families in a conundrum of what to do for a family member on life support, or for funeral wishes, will make choices for their future so as the end phase of their life will be as they wish and not left to ambiguity and left to someone else to make that very personal decision for them.

Aries- Deep shifts in consciousness about living and dying. What does it mean to you to be alive? Are you living your life full and complete? Do you feel that your life is an authentic expression of who you are? These are the questions that will invade the recesses of your mind as Saturn travels through Scorpio. Be fearless in making the changes you want and need.

Taurus- How do you connect with others in your life? Do you take it for granted that they will always be there? Do they take you for granted? Saturn traveling through Scorpio will raise these questions. If you are aware of changes that you need to make do not delay. The procrastination will only prolong the inevitable. In spite of any apparent obstacles this is a time frame for you to reassess what you want, what you can do, and test your limits of what you know you are capable of. It might not be easy but with practice what seems difficult now will become second nature.

Gemini- The keyword for you for Saturn impacting you will be adjusting. There is a spiritual element to this time, albeit hidden. Your spiritual growth can come disguised in mundane situations, such as every day circumstances with hidden meanings and messages. It will be imperative for you to take care of your health now. If you have been neglecting your body, especially if you have picked up habits that in the long term are detrimental, such as grabbing quick and easy non nutritious meals, now is the time to change.

Cancer- The journey of Saturn through Scorpio will also be your personal journey of discovery to learn to let go without pain or angst. Going with the flow will be where you will find life evolving towards more love, joy and happiness. Loss can be experienced as a part of life without the need for drama and anger at not having your way. Letting others move on, whether to another relationship, or a move to a different part of the country, or beyond the physical world with a desire for personal growth for you and them will be the gift Saturn brings to you.

Leo– Saturn in Scorpio will test your limits, where you limit yourself, your capabilities and challenge you to go beyond what you think you can do. Now is the time to set aside false ego and pride and step into the inner knowing of your hearts brain. The side of you that knows what it knows you need to do, even if you are scared or frightened. Do not make promises you cannot keep, it will not be worth the explanation required. Think deeply about exactly what commitments you want to make, why you want to make them and what you expect in return. The go for it.

Virgo- Whether you are a vocal or shy Virgo, what you have to say to others will be scrutinized. There may even be others who take offense or another view point than yours. Saturn in Scorpio moving through your solar third house of communication will have a twofold impact. One: the need to explain and to observe what is going on behind what people say to you, and two, the lesson of how and when to express your ideas and thoughts. If you journal, it will bring many aha moments that uncover obstacles that have held you back.

Libra– Having the money to do and have what you want will be how Saturn impacts you. Whether your income is strong or weak, the message for you will be to get your financial affairs in order. By the end of the 2 ½ journey through this house you will have resolved to have more security in your life, especially from a perspective and realization that your resources come from within, and not a bank account or paycheck.

Scorpio- Saturn will be in your sign for the next 2 ½ years affording you the opportunity to make changes in your life that reorient you to a more authentic expression of what you want to do with your life. You may change jobs, relationships or where you live in the process. It is imperative that you take responsibility for your life now, as to embrace the ability to be a true co-creator of your destiny.

Sagittarius– The next couple of years will be preparation of clearing out old nasty habits that keep you from developing to your full potential. Areas of your life that you have been blinded towards will be revealed and you will learn how to eliminate self-sabotage. If you do not heed the inner warnings then when Saturn moves into your sign in 2 ½ years it will be more difficult for you. Take advantage of this opportunity for self-growth and spiritual awareness and you will discover that how to move mountains.

Capricorn- The friends you have been around for the last several years will be going through changes. You may find that you don’t have as much in common anymore or responsibilities or time constraints impede on your relationship. Organizations or other groups of people that are centered on a common ideal or interest can have an appeal- yet choose carefully in committing your time and effort. Be clear about what you want to get out of joining or volunteering for that org.

Aquarius– Your position in the world will be highlighted as Saturn travels through Scorpio. Do you like what you do? Do you want to change jobs? Pay close attention to your work now, if you have not been keeping up with the latest information, education and trends in your industry it will show. You may have to play catch up to keep up. Disappointment can loom even in the midst of success, the eternal question ‘is this all there is?’ will pervade with the purpose to have passion for what you do.

Pisces- Dreams of travel to faraway places will seep into your consciousness during times of stress or struggle. If you are missing the required degrees or proper credentials to advance in your chosen field furthering education will be considered. Be clear about what the educational opportunity will bring you and before you choose another path. Be confident it will be a wise investment. As Saturn travels through Scorpio your faith will be challenged. What are your expectations from the world? Find empowering beliefs that uplift you, not depress you.

To know if you are having a Saturn transit while Saturn is in Scorpio look at your astrology chart for personal planets in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. If you have your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars in any of those signs then you will have a Saturn transit to that planet by opposition, square or conjunction.
If you do not know where your planets are you will need to look at your astrology chart. To have the accurate degree of your moon you will also need to know your time of birth. If you need your astrology chart go to the website for your free astrology chart. Another option is if you don’t want to spend the time and effort finding out your transits yourself (which I recommend if you want to learn astrology- but not everyone has the time and would rather have the info quickly) is you can order a transit report

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